Rv Critter Guard
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Installation Instructions

The split foam and the tongue & groove hard plastic allows for easy installation around the hoses and cords.

Step 1. Connect the two critter guard sections together and center over the opening.

Step 2.* Drill six 9/64” holes evenly spaced, ¼” from the RV-Critter Guard edge.

Step 3. Screw the gray thumb latches into the holes drilled.

Step 4. Install foam seal around hose/cord in opening, foam should be flush with the top of the opening.

Step 5. Install the two RV-Critter Guard halves around the hose or cord and secure with thumb latches.

*On some models existing holes can be used if not counterbored too deep, remove screws that hold down the seal ring and install the larger thumb latches with screws supplied.

*On model #7’s it is necessary to drill holes.


Below shows installation using existing screw holes:

Removing screws

Remove existing screws

Installing thumb latches

Install thumb latches

Installing split foam piece

Install foam

Installing RV critter guard around the hose.

Connect two halves

RV-Critter Guard secured in place with the thumb latches.

Lock thumb latches


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